3 Easy steps to add a Compensation Disclosure to your website:

Adding your Compensation Disclosure
to your website has never been so easy

Compensation Disclosure

STEP 1   -   Copy the Link:
To copy the example link, highlight the link above, right click on the highlighted link and click copy.
STEP 2   -   Paste the Link:
Right click in your html editor's code view or at the place where you want to insert the code into your website template, and click on Paste

STEP 3   -   Edit the Link:
changing the value for the placeholders:
[dn]=your domain name
[em]=your live email address
[sp]=your support page
[cb]=your clickbank affiliate code
[ar1]=the name of your autoresponder
[ar2]=your autoresponder affiliate link

if you do not already make use of an autoresponder, you can leave it for now or you can register for free

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